Civil Engineering

Civil Block

Civil Engineering branch, as a basic branch of Engineering is given the status of the mother of all Engineering branches. The demand for Civil Engineering is more in all developing countries. It is a fancy for the developed nations to construct tall structures like “Brig Khalifa”, tunnels in a sea, fly over, long span structures etc. In such activities the role of Civil Engineers as very important.

This spurt in the field of construction prompted the TEC management to start a course on Civil Engineering from 2008.

Courses Offered

  • B. Tech


This course of study is in its infant stage. But this department is now having well developed laboratories like material testing, transportation, highway material testing, concrete testing and survey. Geo technical, Environmental CAD and research lab are being planned for the next academic year. When once all the facilities are made available, the Civil Engg department will take up all source of consultancy works and other allied problems.

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