Computer Science and Engineering

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The computer is one of the most powerful tool man has ever created. The technology behind computer is advancing at a very fast rate. The same is true with the areas of application of computers and are needed in all walks of life today. Realizing its commitment to society, TEC has included this prestigious course of study with absolutely no compromise on quality.


To be a Centre of Excellence in the Discipline of Computing.


 To develop human resource with sound knowledge- theory and practical – in the discipline of computing and the ability to apply the knowledge to the benefit of the society at large.

Department of Computer Science and Engineering offers Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs in Computer Science and Engineering.

The Department aims to provide students with a strong foundational background in Computer Science, whilst enabling them to integrate their knowledge with other disciplines in order to make new and innovative discoveries. The Department is fully equipped with high quality laboratories. The laboratories are updated with recent Technological software and highly configured systems, which enable to provide quality education. The Department motivate their Staff as well as Students to participate in various National and International Conferences. Our Department Staffs and Students have memberships in various Associations. The department is committed to prepare effective and responsible graduate engineers for global requirements by providing quality education and respond effectively to the needs of the computing field and changing world to keep the faculty abreast with latest knowledge in the field.

The CSE department’s mission is to advance, evolve and enhance computer science and computing engineering fundamentals to build the intellectual capital of research among the students. The CSE Department effectively prepares students to pursue leadership, technical, and management positions in a variety of industries. Students have obtained successful placements at leading companies.

B.Tech & M.Tech Programme in Computer Science and Engineering

 The study of computing is the study of the process of abstraction and its power, the practice of design and method of best implementation, and mathematical theory of computation and its limits. The list of knowledge areas at the undergraduate level thus include Discrete Structures, Algorithms and Complexity, Computational Theory, Computer Architecture, Programming Language Theory and Implementation, Database Systems, Operating Systems, Net-centric Computing and Software Engineering. Emphasis is also given to hardware architectural design and software system design. A set of elective courses addressing the advanced topics and applications are also offered at the senior level. The UG and PG curriculum pays great attention to laboratory work to consolidate the theoretical concepts and their applications to solve real-life problems in diverse domains




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Courses Offered

  • B. Tech

    M-tech Computer Science and Engineering


The Department of Computer Science & Engineering includes two fully functional Software laboratories and an Internet lab to cater the needs in the areas of Computer Programming, Image Processing, Multimedia, Computer Hardware and Networking. These laboratories are equipped with two IBM X Series dual Processor Servers, an Intel Core2Quad Server, an HP Prolient server, 100 nos of P-IV PCs, 60 nos of thin clients and peripherals like printers scanners and LCD projectors. All the PCs are networked to share Internet connectivity.

Software packages like Oracle, Visual Studio etc. and Programming environments for language like Turbo C++ IDE, Java programming, C# with .Net Framework.

Prof.Rajkumar K is the Head of the Dept . Of  Computer Science and Engineering.

Software Systems Laboratory

The objective of this laboratory is to provide the infrastructure for conducting the regular labs (Data Structures Lab, DBMS Lab, Network Lab, Compiler Lab, OS Lab and Programming Languages Lab) and project works for the BTech. The lab is equipped with state of the art servers, desktops and software (Linux and compilers for C, C++, Java etc.).


Network Systems Laboratory


The objective of this laboratory is to provide the infrastructure for conducting the regular labs (Data Structures Lab, DBMS Lab, Compiler Lab, and Programming Lab) and project works for the BTech


Microprocessor Laboratory


The objective of this laboratory is to provide the infrastructure for conducting the microprocessor labs

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