Electronics and Communication Engineering


Everyday, during our work of leisure, we make use of a variety of modern communication systems and communication media. We can’t think of a world without telephone, television, computer, internet and many similar gadgets. The contributions of Electronics & Communication Engineering during the past few decades made all these development possible. This branch of engineering still needs lots of manpower to cater the ever increasing demand world over.

Department of Electronics & Communication was started in the year 2004 with an intake of 60 students. The faculty of the department consists of one Professor, two Asso. Professor and 16 Asst.Professors.

Courses Offered

  • B. Tech,M-tech (Tele Communication Engineering)


The Laboratories in the department are organized into four, namely Electronics Circuits Lab, Communication Engineering Lab, Microprocessor Lab and Microwave Lab. Facilities for conducting practical on Integrated Circuits, Digital Signal Processing and Optical Communication are also provided. The electronics workshop provides basic training in the area of study. The labs are equipped with Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes, Function Generators, Digital Design kits, Microprocessor kits, Power Supplies, Microwave Benches, Micro Controllers and Digital Signal Processing kits.


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