Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering is a branch of Engineering in existence over centuries. Mechanical Engineering is enriched with the recent development in the fields of Industrial Engineering, Computer Aided Design, Automated Machines, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Robotics, Nano technology etc.


To be a centre of excellence in the field of Mechanical Engineering where the best of teaching, learning and research synergize.To serve society through innovation and excellence in teaching.


“Members of the department of Mechanical Engineering value:”

•           Professionalism and integrity.

•           Scholarship and teaching excellence.

•           Commitment to students.

•           Partnerships and collegiality.

•           Initiative, innovation and willingness to change.

•           Community, the environment, and sustainability

We hold these values as an integral frame of reference to inform our decisions and actions at every level and in every situation.

As a department in a vibrant institution, we will

•           Be a premier choice for the talented, prospective students

•           Be recognized by employers and our alumni as a source of outstanding engineers, entrepreneurs and leaders.

•           Foster a culture dedicated to learning and discovery and be known as a world-class center of innovation Foster a culture dedicated to learning and discovery and be known as a world-class center of innovation.

•           To provide world-class under-graduate and graduate engineering education in Mechanical Engineering, with sufficient scope to include the basic and specialized engineering training to meet the current and emerging needs of the society.

•           To prepare the students for successful engineering career by inculcating the leadership qualities to encourage entrepreneurship and the professional and ethical responsibilities for the betterment of the society with a respect for diversity of opinion and culture.

•           Finally, the department fosters R&D to disseminate the technology through publications and providing technical expertise and training to industry


Prof. Abdul Jaleel. T. K


Phone: 9495726952

Email: [email protected]

Courses Offered

  • B. Tech,M-Tech[Thermal Science]


The unparalleled growth prospects of this branch of study has motivated TEC to opt for starting Mechanical Engineering as the additional branch of study from the year 2005. Mechanical workshops is a common facility available under the department of Mechanical Engineering. Other laboratories like Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machinery, Heat Engines, Thermal Engineering laboratory, CAD&CAM, Metallurgy are functioning at present.

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