Registration to Higher semester 

Application for registration to higher semester class is to be submitted to the Senior Advisor before the due date. Before registration to odd semesters, the annual tuition fee and other statutory fees for the year are to be remitted. Other dues like hostel fees, bus fees, fines etc. are to be settled before submitting the registration forms. The registration form should be filled up completely and to be signed by the parent / guardian in the presence of HOD or Principal.

Those who submit the registration forms to senior advisor before the due date after completion all the above formalities will only find their names in the nominal roll and can attend classes.

Late submission of registration forms would attract fines upto Rs. 500/- till the closure date for registration and the student should obtain a registration slip from the college office in order to attend classes. Attendance will be marked from the date of commencement of classes and not from the date of registration.